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Terence T

 I am Terence Tan, Full Time Master Trader, a Skilled Investment Manager, Founder of First Traders Network and Educator.

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Every month I generate thousands of dollars in instant cash for myself...and my clients. Both of us spend just 15 minutes a day. Our secret to success in winning 9 out of 10 option trades I pick? It is based on time proven option strategies used by pros. And I'll reveal them. But first, let me ask... is this where you are now. There's no need to be. You have:

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You are about to change all that! If you answered "YES" to any of the above, you are like many others following the stock market herd mentality. I'm going to take you out of the herd now!


No longer will you get burned. Never again leave your hard-earned money in the stock market. Why? You don't know the market makers or insider secret. We're going to change that too. When we're finished you'll know what the secrets are - and how to use them. You will know the market makers moves.


The answers are simple. If you can't beat the market makers and insiders - JOIN THEM. Do what they do. Soon you will be on their side, the winning side. You will soon be doing what the market makers and high-paid mutual fund managers do, but haven't been telling you about. First Options Picks will. Their secrets will be out.


Selling Options - that's what I do -- is NO secret. Yet they supercharge your investment profit tremendously. But you need know when to use them, what to sell and when to sell. I'll teach you. There is no mystery to my option picks. The professionals use them - constantly. Soon you will too. But you will leave the profit in your pocket.


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